​​​​​​​CLIENT: Poshmark
ROLE: Visual Design Intern
OBJECTIVE: Work alongside the creative team to design creatives that captivate and engage across multiple channels to increase brand awareness and engagement with Gen Z, while keeping its current audience
DURATION: June 2022-August 2022
PROJECT OVERVIEWAs the Visual Design Intern, I redesigned ads and other marketing collateral to increase brand awareness toward the Gen Z audience. While doing so, I maintained Poshmark’s brand tone throughout the designs and ensured that we’d also continue to target their current audience.
A few of the projects that I worked on includes Google ads, prototyping designs for Google Play and their social media, kicking off branding for a celebrity campaign, creating social media templates, and providing creative support whenever needed.
Design Process
I researched visual trends that were appealing to the younger audience as well as comparing and contrasting brands that have successfully marketed toward Gen Z. I also researched the behaviors of Gen Z and learned about how marketing can be better catered to this audience.
I found that when marketing to the Gen Z audience, it’s important that the design is immediately captivating. Known as the “digital-first” generation, their attention span is at most 8 seconds before they move on. Being a part of Gen Z myself, I was also able to attest to these findings and came to the realization of my own digital habits. When it comes to visual trends, bold, colorful, and captivating designs are a must along with expressive typography. Gen Z also places a high value on brand transparency and honesty, as well as authenticity.
Research Moodboard: Brands that have successfully marketed to Gen Z
Research Moodboard: Brands that have successfully marketed to Gen Z
Research Moodboard: Successful Gen Z marketing from brands
Research Moodboard: Successful Gen Z marketing from brands
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
Research Moodboard
A small design style guide was created for reference. All my project designs were pulled from this color palette and the typeface choices.
Google Universal Ad Campaigns
Ads were designed for each call-to-action: Sell, Buy/Sell, and Buy. With extensive research on Gen Z visual trends, I approached each design set with the intent to stand out amongst minimalistic ads with vibrant colors and bright imagery as well as target the Gen Z audience. Product images are from the platform.
TikTok/Snapchat Ad Campaigns
The Google ad designs were also asked to be used for TikTok and Snapchat video advertisements, in the form of a slideshow.
These ads had impressions ranging from 5,000 to 115,000. The middle ad was one of the top 30 performing ads, during the date range of 8/11/22-8/31/22, with a 0.67% CTR with 115,055 impressions.
Google Play Design Prototyping 
I tested a new creative direction for the Google Play app store images to appeal to Gen Z against its competitors.
I also proposed to feature photos from Poshmark events in the 'Connect' slide to showcase the strong community that Poshmark has.
I worked alongside my mentors, the creative team's copywriters, and the growth marketing team through ideation and revisions while following best practices.
I was permitted to use product images from the platform, profile images of team members with their consent, and photos of Poshmark events. Phone screens in images were provided by Poshmark's product designers and were not created by me.
Screenshot of Poshmark's Google Play app store images as of May 2023. The final design was not created by me, but most of my design proposal elements were used.
Social Media Identity

I created 12 templates and over 200 assets for the social team to use for Instagram reel covers. My font recommendation in this project was also adopted into their social media branding. The goal was to create a more cohesive look across platforms.
1st pass of template and asset proposals
Templates and assets are still being utilized as of April 2023
Creative Support
I assisted with creating email subheaders for their 'TikTok Viral Buying' email campaign.
Celebrity Closet Branding
I kicked off the branding for Poshmark Canada's celebrity closet campaign, with The Beaches, inspired by The Beaches' music videos and website.
The campaign was launched on September 27, 2022. The promotional post via Poshmark Canada’s Instagram feed garnered 725 likes, about 6 times the likes that their posts were receiving around the time. The pop-up closet nearly sold out.
I was permitted to use photos of the band, provided by Poshmark Canada.
Social media assets and 1 UDN
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